ma and aunt jackie

When the March happen 50 years ago my Mom was just 16 years old.

From what she told me, she begged my Grandmother Odessa to take her, but her mom couldn’t afford it at the time.

So when my Aunt Jackie(on the left-mom on the right) said that she was in town and had to work for the march, my jumped at the chance to go. Heck, this time she only lived like 30 minutes away from DC.

Mom said the day started around 6:00am. The bus left the Hyatt Regency around 6:30am, but she said her and Aunt Jackie left around 7:30am. Not unusual for them 2, they are always late. They took a cab over.

Mom was so excited especially when she realized where they were sitting. As you can see they had some really good seats. She said she felt like she was at a concert, especially with all the celebrities that she met and took photos with. (Aunt Jackie has those pictures). Mom said she felt like a kid in a candy store.waiting to hear speakersMom sais they met some really nice people from all over the United States. She said every one was so friendly. See mom is the type that does not like crowds and she thought that this was going to be to much for her, but once she got there and realized what this was about, she forgot all about her dislike for crowds.

ma and aunt jackie 2-001Mom said there were some really powerful speakers there. She couldn’t name them all, but she received a message from each and every one of them. She said that she realized how important it was back then and now. She knows how important it is that she has the right to vote and she said that she will do everything in her power not to let anyone take that away from her.

She said she didn’t have a story to pass down to her children about Marching 50 years ago, but now she has a story to pass down to her Grandchildren and her Great Grands, as she say “Lord Willing”……

Time to March:more marchersmarchers


  1. luckie says:

    Does my heart good to see this Fe! You know I so wanted & planned to be there! Glad your Mom finally got to take a stand & make history! Wow, that’s a memory to have!:)


  2. Ina Jones says:

    So glad your mom was able to attend the celebration, looking forward to reading your blog.

  3. Angel says:

    This is wonderful Lisa…great pics! I’m so glad that my Godmother got a chance to go to the march!

    I’m calling Ms. Beverly right now! LOL!


    Angel 🙂

  4. nell says:

    Good for you mom! She does indeed have a story now!

  5. admin says:

    I had dinner last night with my Mom and Aunt and to listen to them talk about their day and all the speakers, I know this was an experience of a lifetime for them both. Their faces was lit up. I just wish I wasn’t home with a Sinus Infection because I would’ve been right there with them…

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