As I went through the family photos last night with mom, I saw so many happy times and so many pictures of my mom and Uncle Bobby. See my NaNa Odessa(found out thats what me and my brother used to call her), had mom and Uncle Bobby late in life. Mom and her brother AJ, were at least 20yrs apart, but the oldest two loved the youngest two as if they were a year apart.

I ran across mom and Uncle Bobby’s first communion photo then came across me and my brothers. A coinsidence, I think not. Don’t we instill in our children the same values that our mom instilled in us. We always say we are going to be a different parent, but I know I found my mom all in me when raising my boys.

Me and mom laughed so hard last night because as we were discussing our first communion, we both decided that it was a mother’s vision. See I don’t even remember anything about that time. I had to be about 4 years old. I remember going to a lot of classes and studying for a speech that I had to give that day. I only went to Catholic school for about 1 year. See once mom and dad split, there were a lot of changes for my brother and I. My issue is that I did not even take Catholic as my religion. I was baptizied as a Baptist.

See I did it for her. Just like she did it for her mom and so on. These are our mother’s vision not ours, but we do these things because we think that is what our moms want. I am really proud that my mom allowed my brother and I to decide our own religion but at that time at that very moment, she and NaNa Odessa wanted us to have a first communion and we had one!!

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