Carnival of African American Genealogy: Restore My Name

I have been researching my Family’s History for a short period of time(One Year) and truly love being a part of the Genealogy Community.

With the showing of Face of America on PBS and Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC, I am hoping that it will spark a lot of new interest in Genealogy and there become some new Researchers and some new Family Trees going up that will allow more Genealogical connections.

There are so few African American Researchers in the Genealogy Community, but there should be a whole lot more. So many Researchers out there, but not enough online sharing information and making Family connections!

On a recent trip to Savannah, GA with my Genea-Sisters(and 1 Brother), we gathered for the Southeast Family History Expo. I sat threw a class given by Darius Gray called “Beginning Black Family History Research”. I was excited because on the front of their brochure it says “Learn to Search for your Missing Ancestors”. I can truly say thats not what his class was about. Although we were showed a slide show of the Gray Family and truly enjoyable as it was, I was for sure he was going to talk Researching.

With a class of 30 to 45 eager Researchers , not one mention about how to obtain records or share information. After the class, Luckie and myself shared our knowledge with the class on sharing information and putting you’re Family History online. Some of them had some very interesting stories and I hope to read them one day online. Praying that we were able to make a difference.

Now I know some believe “Family Business is Family Business”. The only thing I can say about that is “What if you hold the last piece to someone’s Research”? What if you have that information that can knock down someone’s Brickwall”? What if? What if? What if?

The only way I can explain what I am saying and answers those what ifs is:

Since our Ancestors were bought and sold and most Males were used for breeding, I might have some information on one Plantation that he was on, and you might have the information about another Plantation that he was on. If one of us are not online then how can we connect and share information.

It is so important to share any and all information and records that you might have. You see in my mind We Are All Related and I am trying to give my Ancestors a voice and make sure that their voices are heard. This message is not just for the Slave Descendants.

Thanks to Luckie of OurGeorgiaRoots Madness Monday Post: Open Letter To The Genealogy Community-Help Me To Understand and Sandra of I Never Knew My Father Friend of Friends: Lessons From The Underground Railroad Post, Now there are some SlaveOwners Descendants that are willing to share Slave Records that their Family has owned or Slave records that they might have came across in their Research, but there are some that think of this as “SHAMEFUL” and there are some that is “ASHAMED”.

I know during our Research we are going to come across things that our Ancestors have done that might be shameful, unlawful, and unforgiven, but their voices need to be heard also and there is nothing more shameful than hiding that shame and not letting the Ancestors voice be heard or putting the Ancestors with their Rightful Descendant.

You must know that we as African American Researchers hold no grudges. We know it was just what happened during that time period. We want no part of you’re Inheritance or Property. We just want to know where we came from. I can’t speak for everyone, but I have a right to “KNOW THY SELF!!

I know that all records are not online. The ones that are not are the ones that you have, so PLEASE SHARE!!

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