In modern time for Friday we say “TGIF”, but did our ancestors say that? I think not! Even after freedom.

My great great grandfather Ben Robertson owned his own land and farmed on that land. From census record in 1880, all children over 10 worked that farm, so that meant his eldest Henry and Georgia had to work. Minvera and Thomas was able to get some education but you can believe as soon as they were old enough they worked the farm also.

Our ancestors did not get a chance to say TGIF!! I see my ancestors working seven days a week. Maybe a half a day on Sunday, because church was in the morning. I can see even those that were in school probably working the farm after school and all day on Saturdays. Ben had such a big family and he worked and worked and worked to take care of everyone and produce his goods, and rumor is that Ben had enough land and left each one of his children a piece of that land. Now I see why he worked as hard as he did.

So when our work week end on Friday, think of those ancestors that did not have an end to their work week. Think of their work ethic and how we can instill some of that in our lives today. I guess we do in some way since us researchers are researching seven days a week. I guess we do have those work habits!!

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