As I sit here this evening in my room, in my home and as healthy as I think I am. I wnat to thank the volunteers that gave there time and money for the Free Clinic that was held this weekend in New Orleans, LA.

Over a thousand volunteers, doctors, and nurses gave up their Saturday to help those in need of Healthcare. Without their efforts a women who came in with numbness, high blood pressure and a headache might not of  been able to see a doctor. A women diagnosised with stage 4 breastcancer decided not get any further treatment, but was glad that she was able to find out why she was not feeling well. A man with high blood pressure might of ended up having a heart attack or a stroke.

Whatever your political views are, there should not be anyone without Healthcare. Most of the patients that showed up were hard working individuals, that employers did not offer Healthcare and they could not afford Healthcare on their own. A nurse that works in a hospital was not there as a volunteer, but as a patient for high blood pressure. He worked two jobs, but did not work enough hours on either job to get Healthcare.

See thats the problem, most employers only offer Healthcare for those that are more than likely full-time employees, so instead of the paying fo Healthcare they only offer part-time hours and we need a job so we take what is offered. Or they offer the employee Healthcare, but you will have to pay for you family, husband, wife, and children. Prices so expensive that you can’t afford it and pay rent and buy food etc…

I ask to you, WHAT WILL YOU DO? I know what I’m going to do. Whatever it is I can’t just sit here anymore. Especially after watching a Free Health Clinic being held in the same Convention Center that housed so many after Hurricane Katrina.

Living in such a Rich Nation, and with so many kind a giving people, Why not HEALTHCARE for ALL?
(not one politician from the state showed up for this event)


  1. msualumni says:

    Girl, you know I'm WITH YOU on that point! 100%…..

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