Today as I read the tweets that went on between Ourgeorgiaroots and Georgia Black Crackers, it so much reminded me of a conversation that I had with my mom.

As you know I posted a letter that I plan to send to possible family members hopefully trying to make somekind of connection. As I was printing the letter(printer set-up is in her Bedroom) she made a statement “who are you writing now”. It kind of upset me at first because, she isn’t really interested in my research until I make somekind of connection, then she asks me to ask whatever connection I make a thousand questions. See shes interested in what I find out for different reasons. As I stated before, it is rumored that Ben Robertson left each one of his children a piece of his land. So of course she is trying to see what happened with Ben’s land.

Now how much do we have to be patient with those family members that have information that we want, or maybe that picture, or maybe that one surname that can help you continue on with your research. See my mom only remembers things as I discover them or make a connection. She has one story that she was told by her mom and I tell her that the research does not add up with that story she just says “that is what my mom told me”. I also had a conversation with my cousin. His grandfather Augustus Banks married my grandmother Odessa. His brother Raymond did sort of a family history also, but he just did the Banks line. When I heard this I was wondering how can he just do one line and not the line of his grandmother. Upon further conversation, Raymond only did the Banks line because the Banks owned land. So when I said “the research was done for the land”, my cousin Billy said no. Tried to contact cousin Raymond but we keep playing phone tag. Maybe he don’t want to share. Hm, could be you know land is involved.

The problem is she does not want to budge on what I have found out, she wants to stick with that story, but is the first one to tell me what question to ask and will have several oh yeah moments. I maybe a beginner, but I know enough that if you are doing family research you can not just do one line not unless it is for a specific reason.

Although my cousin Billy disagrees with the me, it is the truth. My mom, I love her to death and want to share information with her, but if it is not dealing with that land she does not want to hear anything. I deal with it because she is my mom and someday I want to give her the answer about the land. Cousin Billy in all his denials gave me a possible lead for Augustus Banks.

See thats what happens with those relatives that have that information that they want to hold onto. Even if they are in it for a different reason, you never know be patient eventually they will tell it even if they want to be the first to tell it.

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