Since starting my Genealogy Journey in 2009 I have come a long way and one thing I know for sure is that there is no way to make true Connections without finding your Ancestors a home.

I started out as a Client of Luckie Daniels back in 2009. One thing that she told me was that technology is changing and that there is more to Researching than Then she said let me show you and she told me to Google her it took me right to OurGeorgiaRoots I knew right then that I wanted a Blog like that for my Ancestors and I wanted to learn the different ways to Research. I knew in my Gut that she was not steering me wrong.

Luckie stressed to me the importance of being online. I was a slow starter like everyone else. I started a Twitter account @MyNolaHeritage first, but my Ancestors would not leave me alone about finding them a home so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and start my Blog.

The only hard part about it was finding a name for my Blog. I did something different and put the question out to the Twitter Genealogy Community and Allum Spence Williams of Spence Lowry Family History named my first Blog MyNolaHeritage and it was started on Blogger. I later moved my Blog from Blogger to WordPress and changed the name to EchoesofMyNolaPast. I found my Ancestors their home. Soon after I started my second Blog and now I’m on my third(not Genealogy Blog).

I call it finding your Ancestors a home because they can’t be seen within the walls of Facebook and trees. Yes you can make connections through Ancestry by hitting up against another tree but what if other Descendants are not on and making a page for your Ancestors on Facebook will never be enough because everyone is not on Facebook either. No one will never know who you are and that you are Researching or have been Researching unless they have a place to see your work. You can have been Researching for years and have all the knowledge in the world but if you are not online how is any going to notice you or even learn from your experience if we can’t see your work.

Now you should have an idea of the importance of being online. If you are looking for Descendants and they are looking for your Ancestors as well, if neither of you are online or are in the walls of Facebook, how are you going to find each other?!!! If you can answer that question without having a Blog online then you should bottle that up and sell it.

It takes 5 minutes to get things going on The most difficult is choosing a name, but once you have that everything else will fall into a place. The name and your description must be unique and include Ancestral information so the search engines will lead Descendants and folks researching to your Blog. Tags and Labels do the same.

There are different reasons why we all start our Genealogy Journey. One thing that is known for sure is that we are chosen by our Ancestors to tell their story and after all the things they have been through the one thing we can do for them is to give them a home(Blog)


  1. Luckie says:

    Honest to goodness, I don’t know where my journey in this Genea-world would be without you FeFe! You are the encouragement that brought me back online after Mom passed & the anchor that many a day, keeps my feet planted in Facebook & commitment to AAGSAR intact. I appreciate you more than you know! Love you Sis!:)

  2. admin says:

    Same Here Luck Luck…. We are in this together and I thank the Ancestors for guiding me your way since Day one!!!

  3. I think we might be selfish or reserved as we are researching and putting all the time in, that we believe that we might birth a book out of all the researching we have done…not to get rich or fame from it, but validation of time well spent. But as I have been learning from you, Luckie and the other bloggers, it is our ancestors that what to be found and reunited in the present and not forgotten in the future. We are just vessels being required of them.
    Stephani Juleeana Miller

  4. M Dawn says:

    Wonderful post for us newbies, Felicia. Thanks for wisdom.

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