I recently had the pleasure of communicating with an “Amos” descendant. Thats right a “New Cousin”

Her Great Great Grandfather Daniel Amos was Father of my Great Grandfather James Manuel Amos.

Let me share what I know about James:

James Manuel Amos was born about 1870 in Minden, Louisiana. He had 4 children by my Great Grandmother Amanda Robertson from Cotton Valley, LA. Not sure if they were married or not, I have yet to find a Marriage Record.  There names were James, Willie, Joseph, and Odessa(My Grandmother).

The records show that James had another family also. He was married to a Woman named Ruth and had two children with her, their names were James and Rilla. Looks like there were 2 James Jr with Ruth’s son being the 1st.

In 1900 he was found in the census in Richland, Arkansas living with my Great Grandmother Amanda. Amos was mispelled as Amoes and Amons, but everything else about them matched up. The Census Records shows that they had been married for two years and had 1 child but was not counted in the census. I’m thinking that was my Great Grand Uncle James.

By 1910 Amanda was living with her sister Martha Bell and her Family with all 4 children.

From what my Grandmother told my Mom she never knew her Father and that he died before she was born. Not sure of this either because I was not able to find a Death Record for James yet.

My new found cousin had just about as much information as I did. She is just starting out on and is trying to fill in the voids of what she was told by her Family. 

This is one Branch of my Tree that I have not done much Reaearch on, but I want to wish her much Luck in her Research and look forward to colleberating with her and putting the pieces to this line of our Family Tree together.

If you are a Descendant of this Amos line, or if any of these names look familiar to you, please contact me!! You probably have the missing pieces that both of us need. Thanks for Listening.


  1. Liv says:

    Congratulations on making a family connection! I’m sure with the both of your working together on this family line, more information will come!

  2. Phyllis Thomas says:

    Hi my name is Phyllis Thomas and I am a decendant of Frank and Ida Levingston! Please call me at 904 or 904 so we can compare notes! this is so exciting!

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