I previously did a post with all my Ancestors Surnames that I knew about up until this point.

I have some more information that I want to share.

Looks like my Robertson Line used two other Surnames: Robinson and Roberson.

I knew about the Roberson Surname because on the 1870 Census the Family was listed as Roberson, but by 1880 and beyond it was Robertson.

Now on the 1870 Census there was a Charity Roberson that was listed as a daughter and she was age 10. Never thought anything of it, just thought Mandy started having children a little early. By 1880 Charity had moved on and married Edmund Livingston. Charity and Edmund had seven children: Frank, Aurela, Emanuel, Mary, Ella, Hattie, and John.

Frank married Ida and had 7 children: Rosie, Artis, Isie, Frank, James E, Cora E., and Monroe.

Ida passed away sometime between 1910 and 1920. Frank then married my Great Grandmother Amanda and had a son: Amos Livingston. (Supposedly)

Not really sure what happened to Amos, just asked my Mom and she said “No one ever mentioned Amos”. Her Mom or Uncle Joe never mentioned him. What happened to Amos?

Frank Livingston passed away January 26, 1919. I checked his death record on Family His father was listed as: Edmund Livingston and his mother was listed as: Charity Jackson.

Jackson, where did this Surname come from? If my Great Grandmother Amanda was the Informant for Frank, she would have known Frank’s Mom Surname since they grew up in the same household maybe.

Was Charity kin to Ben or Mandy or was she just someone that they took care of? Who knows I know I have to find this out since the Ancestors guided me here.

For the rest of the Family I found and obtained Death Certificates for:

Minerva Roberson Lewis: who was married to J D Lewis(Nickname was Babe). Babe was connected to the Longs. Minerva passed away March 08, 1940. Babe was the Informant for her death and her Mother and Father was listed as Amanda Roberson and Ben Roberson both from GA. Minerva and Babe had one son named Son and he was Mentally Challenged.

Reverend Cornealous Robinson: son of Ben and Mandy. Cornealous passed a way July 24, 1943 and his wife Angeline was his Informant.

Babe Roberson: daughter of Ben and Mandy. Babe passed away October 12, 1954. She was listed as a widow and no information on a husband or her parents was listed on her Death Certificate.

Amanda Bryan Roberson/Robertson: My Great Great Grandmother herself. Mandy passed away March 19, 1926. Was able to obtain her Death Certificate from the information obtained from Minerva’s Death Certificate. She was listed as Roberson not Robertson and that is  why I was unable to find a Death Record for her. She died from Influenza and she suffered from it for at least a month or so.

Looks like Babe was buried at New Zion Cemetery in Minden and no burial information for Mandy, but looks like she passed away in a Hospital somewhere in Minden(rural).

I am slowly but surely putting some puzzle pieces together, but each one leads somewhere else and where ever these pieces lead me to I’m going to put my Tree together one piece at a time!

Source cited: Louisiana Secretary of State, Family, Cousin Eddie McMurray(Sam Long’s Nephew), and Cousin Clarene Long(Sam Long’s Granddaughter)


  1. Luckie says:

    Hmmm, maybe Amos died young? Sometimes when children died early, before other siblings/cousins were born, they are [sadly] forgotten with time.

    What did you mean by Amanda & Frank “grew up in the same household”? Weren’t they Husband & wife?

    Good job! More answers ALWAYS birth new questions — it’s the Ancestors way!:-)


  2. Gini Webb says:

    Great detective work Felicia! You are on your way to finding those missing puzzle pieces and I can’t wait to hear all about it when you find them.

  3. admin says:

    I think Amos did die young. My Mom mentioned that her mom said she had a sister that died, but she could have meant brother. Will have to do some more digging on that one. If Amanda was the Informant Frank’s death certificate(will order), she would have known his Moms Surname since Charity is close to the family. Remember she was on the 1870 census in the household with the Roberson/Robertson. I think Charity and Amanda had a sister type relationship so she would have known her true Surname.

  4. Phyllis Thomas says:

    b4 Ida died, she had one more child after corene, a boy whom she named Monroe Levingston, born March 28th 1911. His mother Ida died when he was only 5 years old and his father Frank died when he was 7. Frank must have married Amanda very soon after Idas death for them to have had a son named Amos. Anyway, their marriage was very short-i guess because he died. Amanda moved away with her children after that.

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