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I recently had the pleasure of communicating with an “Amos” descendant. Thats right a “New Cousin” Her Great Great Grandfather Daniel Amos was Father of my Great Grandfather James Manuel Amos. Let me share what I know about James: James Manuel Amos was born about 1870 in Minden, Louisiana. He had 4 children by my Great Grandmother Amanda Robertson from Cotton Valley, LA. Not sure if they were married or not, I have yet to find a Marriage Record.  There names were James, […]


I previously did a post with all my Ancestors Surnames that I knew about up until this point. I have some more information that I want to share. Looks like my Robertson Line used two other Surnames: Robinson and Roberson. I knew about the Roberson Surname because on the 1870 Census the Family was listed as Roberson, but by 1880 and beyond it was Robertson. Now on the 1870 Census there was a Charity Roberson that was listed as a […]


I have been Researching my Louisiana Line for over a year now and have never posted the Surnames and the information that I have about each one. So here goes: Robertson: Ben Robertson born in GA about 1844. Married Mandy Bryan(t) around 1865 and had 11 children: Charity?, Henry, Georgia, Jennie?, Minerva, Thomas, Cornelius, Emma, Mary, Babe, Amanda, Martha, and Annie(Charity and Jennie are not for sure known children of Ben and Mandy, but show up on the census in the […]


Amanda is my great grandmother on my maternal side of the family. I have been trying to find out whatever information on her and her famiy that I can. I have made serveral descendant contacts of one of the ROBERTSON sisters, but they do not have much information, because Amanda died before they were born and even Amanda’s sister had passed away also. Cousin E had gotten a hold of an aunt that knew all the ROBERTSON girls. I have tried to call […]


Most of my research has been guided towards my Louisiana roots, I have so been neglecting my other ancestors. So I decided to do a little research on my Mathis side. Not sure but I think I found my great grandmother Alice’s family and my great grandfather’s Virgil family. When I first started this research I found all different kinds of spelling for my last name: Matthis/Mathews/Matthews. I always thought my last name to be Mathis. I decided to change […]


As you all know I have been trying to get information on my Louisiana Line. I have reached out to living family that might have some information on the Robertson/Robinson line, but no one had sufficent enough information. Was able to get bits and pieces here and there. Enough to build on my family tree. Since I know of the website AnyWho.com, where you can but a persons name, city and state and it would let you know of those […]


In modern time for Friday we say “TGIF”, but did our ancestors say that? I think not! Even after freedom. My great great grandfather Ben Robertson owned his own land and farmed on that land. From census record in 1880, all children over 10 worked that farm, so that meant his eldest Henry and Georgia had to work. Minvera and Thomas was able to get some education but you can believe as soon as they were old enough they worked […]


Madness Mondays are about those ancestors that are a mystery or you just can not find!! I have been searching for Amanda Robertson in 1900 for the longest. Could she have been in the household with Ben and Mandy and just not have been counted? Or was she outside of the house living with another relative and not have been counted? I have searched that whole 1900 census record for Policy Jury Ward 2 Webster Parish to no avail. She […]

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