Today as I was shared with a co-worker about what I have learned about my family history so far. I shared with her that my Robertson/Robinson line of women were Mulattos. As I explained to her that Mulatto was a negative word that was used for mixed race. I joking said that someone in my family slept with and Indian or the slave master. We laughed but how true this is. The problem is that whom ever started this color line in my family, was not happy to do so.

I shared with my co-worker that my mom shared with me. She always told me that my grandmother Odessa was so light that she could pass for white. She said that growing up, their neighbors looked down on them because her and my uncle Bobby were light also. My mom said she used to hear them say “here comes Ms Odessa with them light kids of hers.” My mom said that one of the things neighbors said they think they are better because of their skin color.

How not true this is. My Grandmother had my mom and uncle at such a late age in life that after she had my uncle, she started having health problems. They were raised in the Robert Taylor projects in Chicago down on State Street. My grandmother worked cleaning homes and did whatever she had to do to help raise her family. See, my grandfather Robert was so messed up by the war that my grandmother was on her own with two kids and health problems. So how is that thinking that you are better? She went threw the same thing that every women went threw no matter what their skin color is.

My co-worker shared with me that she has the same issue in her family but in reverse. See Carolina is from the Dominic Republic and she shared that most women mixed with men from Haiti. She stated that her grandmother used to tell her” get you one of those men with the blue eyes and light skin.” That might not be the exact quote but you all know what I’m talking about. I told her just like in my family, all the light women went for that dark skinned man!! Even her(she has one of the cutiest little baby), my mom, my grandmother, my great great grandmother and so on.

See I am a true believer that it is not about the color of your skin, but about what you have in your heart and your character, but if you think about it no matter what color your skin is Mulatto, Light skinned, or dark skinned we are all African Americans and Children of God. I just wish things could have been different then and now!!

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  1. Renee Hagner says:

    Dear Felecia,
    I am looking for a lady named Odessa Banks that lived in Cotton Valley, LA from 1958 until at least around 1962. I was taken care of by a beautiful woman, named Odessa. Somewhere around 1962 or 3, she left Cotton Valley. I was told she went to Beverly Hills, and became the child-care provider for Jonathon Winters. We left Cotton Valley several years later. I do not have any pictures of Odessa. My brother is looking through old family photos. I do not know the age of Odessa when she was caring for me. Any information you have on Odessa, I would love to have. Thank you so much! Renee

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