In my research for my Louisiana line I realized that there were three boys in the family: Henry Robertson born abt 1868, Cane Robertson born 1874, and Thos Robertson born abt 1872. Now I had to really figure out what those two brothers names stood for. We all had nicknames as children.

In my research I would always come up against this names Corneilus Robertson in Webster Parish Jury Ward 2. I decided to save the record to my shoebox, but never thought about it again. Thos Robertson, came across a few records for Thos, but not in the area of my research. Henry Robertson is a true mystery, because there are so many Henrys and I believe he did not stay in the area. Probably wanted his own life and not the farm life.

I ended up leaving a post on one of ancestry message boards about something total different, but the person that answered my post was able to locate death record for that same Corneilus and it had my great great grandfather’s name Ben and wife Mandy listed as his parents.

I go back to that census record that I saved and realized that due to my instincts I had saved one of my ancestors records, and the crazy thing about it was that Corneilus had the same birthday as my Cane.

I firgured out that my Cane was Corneilus and Thos had be short for Thomas. I know genealogy is mostly detective work, but when it comes down to the spelling of these names, we become more than detectives. Instead of really listening to what our ancestors was saying their names were, someone took it upon themselves to give them a totally different name and left it up to us to figure out who is who. If census takers can not spell names at least get close as possible. Cane is not close to Corneilus and Thos, why not add the ma and you would have had the whole name. One thing that I found out about this research is you have to follow your instincts. Truly, if I would not have saved Corneilus’s records to my shoebox, although I had the information on death record, I would had to do a whole new census record. Was able to add another record to Mandy since she was living with Corneilus in 1920. I wanted to say Corn, why not Corn? Sounds much closer than Corneilus.

To all the researchers, FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS!! That is the only way you are going to find your ancestors!!

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