As you all know I recieved feedback from a post that I have left on ancestry and actually Mr. McMurray was one of the persons that I sent my letter to in Quest For Information. Here is his response:


WOW! I can’t believe how serendipitous your letter is for me. I was just about to wade back into this family history since I’m having to do a historical book on THOMASVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL here in Sarepta. I started the research into our family while I lived in Atlanta, GA. I am a native of Sarepta, born, bred, and “buttered” here. Sam Long was my Grandmother’s oldest brother. He indeed married Emma Robertson, and if EVER there was a CHRISTIAN WOMAN and a woman of VIRTUE, it was Emma Robertson. She was a beautiful person, loving, kind, and her mantra was “Honey, don’t get angry, it’s a sin to get angry.” She lived that, because Uncle Sam was NOT an easy man to live with. Sam Long was perhaps the most influential man to be born in Webster Parish after slavery. He was well respected, revered and feared because his control of this area was ultimate. What Sam Long said, was LAW. His funeral in 1958 was attended by anyone and everyone, and he is responsible for the inchoation of nearly every church throughout Webster Parish/Louisiana, and Columbia County/Arkansas.

I say this not to venerate him, though he richly deserves that, but to show by contrast that Emma Robertson was actually the DRIVING FORCE behind him and the source of his strength and ability. Had she been a woman of lesser character, Sam Long would NOT have been as successful as he was. My mother is Juanita Wynn McMurray, and she always speaks with disdain of the fact that Sam Long grave is at the front of the cemetery and when Aunt Emma died, they buried her in the back and now you cannot find the grave, though I have looked and will continue to try to locate it. Uncle Sam was my MOTHER’S uncle and her mother’s oldest brother.

I hope to hear from you soon and I’d relish the opportunity to compare information with you. My contact information is as follows:

Eddie R. McMurray
P. O. Box 494
Home: 318
Cell: 318

Evenings are best, but I’d love to hear from you anytime.Warmest, friendliest regards,

Notice the kind things he had to say about my great great aunt Emma. Boy would I have loved to have met her and know just a bit more about my Robertson line. Can’t wait to talk to him. Will keep everyone posted.

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