Although my mom had three brothers, Uncle Bobby was my favorite. I learned so much from him. He had such a good spirit. He was smart, funny, and humble. He was well educated(masters degree in math) and such a good athlete. He almost went pro, but like so many he had those demons that he could not shake.

Athough Uncle Bobby had so much going for him, in college he developed a liking for alchohol and became addicted. He was able to overcome this addiction and settledown and marry. He had one child(a daughter) and never took another drink. I remember one year when he came to live with us, mom poured beer on her ham to take some of the salt away. He would not touch that ham. He said he was recovering and wanted nothing to do with that ham. Although he overcame alchohol, he was also addicted to drugs and never overcame that.

Uncle bobby passed away tragically and it broke my moms heart. She just could not help him and she always wished she could have done more. We all did. He had so much potential and I know for sure that he would have loved to help me in my pursuit of our family history. I miss him so much, he even taught me how to play chess. We spent so much time talking and laughing. Wow!! I just wonder what would he be doing now? What would he have become if not for drugs and alchohol? No matter what he did he was my Uncle Bobby who was crazy about his niece Bird. See thats the name he gave me growing up since I was so skinny and had bird legs. I tattooed that name on my arm and whenever someone ask me about it, I just say “MY UNCLE GAVE ME THAT NAME!!

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