My Wordless Wednesday is about these three people! First you have my mom: Beverly Esther Smith Mathis born abt 1947, She is my rock! My best friend and someone I can talk to about almost anything(you noticed I said almost). Then you have my first born Jayson Jacques Mathis born abt 1984. Jayson is so independent that sometime I have to step back and say “You taught him to be that way. Then you have Demoyne Lenard Brown my baby, born abt 1988. Mone is special. I had him all alone, so we hold that special bond, he is also independent, but he is not afraid or to proud to ask for help, nor is anyone to proud to give it to him.
You see this is what my research is about and what it is for! My mom, she needs to know all of her family and where they came from and what they did in their lives. She did not know half of the things that I found out. She only remembered those family members that moved to Chicago. I just want to be able to tell her what happened to those that stayed behind!
To my boys, they will be able to take the research that I have done and build on it for future generations. Jayson and Demoyne are my life and although they are men, they will always be my babies, and they will be able to pass our famuly history down to their babies and so on!!
As I sit here crying writing this, It is another sign that my ancestors have chosen me for this journey and I will not stop to my journey is complete!

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